What is MesChain ?

What is MesChain ?

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December 7, 2019 by MesChain



Problem Situation?

To negotiate and stay profitable in today’s market, the production set-up time needs to improve product development, reduce production costs and minimize time delivery while meeting quality standards. Do better and faster operation to do this.  But how can a production plant be efficiently, cost-effectively monitored, optimized and synchronized to all moving rooms and real-time events in the production facility? Instead, it causes a number of problems.



•Waste of resource
•Waste of time
•Lack of available software
•Difficulty to control the production site
•Failure to achieve targeted quality



•Achieve targeted quality
•Production in the targeted time with controlled production process
•1. Quality product production with quality control system
•Controlling dozens of factors, such as production stages, personnel and machinery, from a single center
•Unlike existing software, it offers blockchain solutions in production area

How does a Manufacturing Application System work in a textile factory?

A Mes system consists of a server that obtains the required database through information collected by the software. This program connects to other networks or devices via the digital interconnection system of everyday objects, such as printers or barcode readers, called the Internet of Things (IoT).

When we talk about a textile manufacturing company, the first thing this software does; to organize the planning process, taking into account the available materials and resources to plan how the production process is done. In addition to assigning each part of the process to the worker it considers feasible, it is going to determine how all steps will be taken and which elements will be involved in the preparation of different textile products.

After diligently looking at the workflow in planning, it is going to be responsible for initiating and monitoring in real time, allowing it to identify the correct working areas of the industry and correct any errors that may arise during it.

Production Eventually it manages the quality. That is, it monitors whether the product has been obtained well and checks whether the acquired features are necessary to continue sending or distributing it.

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