Meschain product review and the advantage of using Meschain Tech.

Meschain product review and the advantage of using Meschain Tech.

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December 1, 2019 by MesChain

1.System Requirements
Successful delivery of an MES solution begins with the collection of requirements. This is the most vital step in the process of resolution and targeted success. At this stage, our team thoroughly analyzes the customer’s production process to understand better what the MES system will be. How the current process can benefit from the implementation of an MES system. This is determined.
2. Business Requirements
Based on the promise that men who do not know what he is looking for cannot find what he is looking for ‘, equally important at this stage of the project is to understand precisely what the customer wants to achieve with MES software. What is the business need? What does a successful application look like? Understanding how the process works, which areas can benefit the most, and which business drivers are among the different departments, provides vital information for our experts and subproject activities.
3. System Integration Requirements
In addition to the requirements gathered above, it is essential to understand what kind of integrations are required for MES software. Although MES software can run in an independent scenario, this is rarely the case. Integrating MES software with other enterprise or business floor software provides significantly more value by enhancing the capabilities of all such software applications. Understanding which integrations should be made earlier during the project planning phase enables our team to carry out the project smoothly throughout the process.
4. Solution Roadmap and Vendor Selection
The requirements should be analyzed after collection. At this stage, our team determines whether an MES solution can fulfill the tasks required by the business, and also determine which specific MES applications are best suited to the customer’s particular needs and priorities. Although MES software is generally quite flexible, there are some situations where the selected MES software package may need to be explicitly expanded. In this case, our development team participates in the interview to determine the extent of the specific development required.
5. System Design and Application
Once the plan is fully developed, the actual implementation process begins. If any custom extension or integration is needed, this integration is created first. After that, the selected MES software is installed and configured. Finally, any standard combination is established and tested. After the application phase is completed, comprehensive tests are performed. This test is a critical component of the process. It is essential to ensure that the newly implemented MES application functions to meet customer expectations and business needs fully. Furthermore, since the freshly applied MES system will become an essential component in the manufacturing process, it is vital to ensure that the application is as stable and operational as intended.
6. Ongoing System Support and Training
Finally, after successful implementation, ongoing support and training phases begin. The training resources in our organization enable the end-users of the customer to use the MES system without continuous full-time support. Besides, it allows vital individuals in the customer organization to understand the basics of the new MES system and to see and measure the added value implemented by the MES system.

Our advantage is to create a service network by creating a global staff with an updated and improved version of the services and knowledge we have built with an experienced team.
Another advantage is that the integration of the Blockchain and crypto worlds into our MES services adds potential and results that have never happened before. The goal of a Production Execution solution is to increase productivity and reduce cycle times while still producing quality products. Engineering customers who have partnered with our Digital Industry team for MES initiatives have seen the following advantages:

*Reduced scrap and waste
*Increased working time

*Reduced in-situ inventory
*More informed decisions about production
*Improved quality
*Improved productivity
*Improved machine and operator performance
*Reduced overall production costs
*An efficient paperless production layer is obtained

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