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December 1, 2019 by MesChain


Genesis Crypto Technology moves into the next phase of blockchain development.

MesChain is currently listed on the CoinTiger and Vindax exchanges following an initial successful ICO that ended on October 4, 2019. The total sale was for 631.4 million MES.

The company was also a sponsor of the recent Eurasia Blockchain Summit.


What makes MesChain such a unique opportunity is its presentation of distributed accounting technology. Businesses can enhance operational transparency, provide enhanced customization options, and support extended supply chains using this approach to blockchain.

“We envision manufacturing businesses having the option to use blockchain technology for their core manufacturing phases,” said Mustafa Helvacı, the Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Crypto Technology. “We envision complete access to records like stock information, mechanical operations, and working ours using this approach.”

The overall approach is to increase the possibilities for automation. Companies can use this technology to program how to carry out and track specific operations dynamically. It also allows for sales administration duties so that the best prices for each item are automatically calculated based on delivery times to ensure accurate estimates and invoices.

This structure gives a business multiple advantages because of the MES algorithm. Companies can create their manufacturing model, track raw materials, and address quality standards in one location. Quality management, data collection, and statistical analysis become centralized to reduce time and labor requirements. It even has the capacity to control internal electronic documents to reduce administrative commitments.

“Our approach to blockchain also focuses on a company’s personnel and their skills during the production process,” said Helvaci, “allowing managers to track the performance of each worker through real-time information to create custom improvement plans.”

The goal of the manufacturing execution system is to summarize all potential resources so that optimal production processes develop over time. This approach allows for a reduction of capital expenses, time investment, and repetition within workflows. Companies that use blockchain technology in this way can then develop a broader vision of their long-term mission and performance.

The benefits of using MesChain become apparent immediately upon implementation. Each designated user receives private keys and funds that are available only to them. Even the company’s administrators do not have access to this data. An integrated escrow system assures user safety, with any issues quickly handled but the platform.

MES is easily customizable with a simple interface that makes user operations comfortable and straightforward. It works on tablets, smartphones, and computers so that the features are immediately usable, even if someone is unfamiliar with blockchain technology. There is also the possibility of creating modules while keeping all of your information in one place.

“Thanks to this innovative take on the blockchain, you can store all of your information in one place,” said Helvacı. “That means you can establish connections between suppliers and manufacturers, consumers, and all of your internal departments without needing separate systems to keep your communication lines open.”

MesChain allows entrepreneurs to take charge of every opportunity that comes their way by giving them access to relevant information in a transparent medium. You can analyze each element of your company in one place with a significant reduction in cost. It is currently available for service in the textile industry, but rapid expansion through 2021 will make this approach to blockchain available to everyone.

The need to integrate automation continues to increase daily. MesChain is an enterprise-level resource that delivers meaningful solutions in safe, affordable ways.

Genesis Crypto Technology wants to reform the world using digital currencies and modern tech approaches. They are developing solution-based resources utilizing the blockchain to become a global leader in manufacturing execution systems. MES tokens will save companies time, improve their quality, and enhance efficiency levels immediately by enabling professional services to be offered in safe environments. 4.0 Revolutionary Meschain Product ReviewFrom the onset, the nature of humans has been to quest for more natural ways to achieve better results. This has been…


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