Eurasia Blockchain Summit Istanbul — MesChain Team Achievement.

Eurasia Blockchain Summit Istanbul — MesChain Team Achievement.

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December 1, 2019 by MesChain

Meschain team has received extensive attention. The fact that our project is different drew attention. We have a real product. And has a structure associated with blockchain? Our plan is in the real sector and the world of economy. The world of economics is at a distance from crypto investment. But meschain attracts the attention of the actual industry and the world of the economy with MES products. We had positive interviews at the academic level.

Our Istanbul event was very productive. We hear our explanations briefly.
We had the opportunity to explain our project with our existing product. This was very important for new investors. (You can take advantage of your phone as soon as you can.)
We provided interviews with our teachers, who supported the chaining activities in blocks. We received significant responses in terms of suggestions and support. We had a conversation with our teacher about MES’s headquarters and the scope of Meschain. He stated that he found the service area of our project very different. He invited us to Izmir. -We have received suggestions from MesChain and expanding the details in the future area with our professor at YTU, working on Industry 4.0 and Blockchain.
We had the opportunity to explain our project to the representatives of Korea with the Seedvc Korea marketing team. Also, the Seedvc team appeared in an amiable atmosphere. We have friends in Korea now.
TUBITAK BILGEM, Media Dealers, BTC magazines, SOSTAINTECH Koin Media, Sabanci University Blockchain Ensemble in many areas such as joint studies and evaluations have provided interviews.
I want to plan the words of our instructor at YTU, “I visited all the stands. Generally known ideas about payment and similar issues. Your project here offers a variety here.” We have received a lot of different and motivating comments like this. We continue to work to get concrete results.

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