4.0 Revolutionary Meschain Product Review

4.0 Revolutionary Meschain Product Review

Blockchain Business Technology
December 1, 2019 by MesChain
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From the onset, the nature of humans has been to quest for more natural ways to achieve better results. This has been the drive that brought about major technological inventions. The newer technology-related approaches are more efficient and do not consume as much time as traditional methods. This vision to always improve and existing competition has helped shape the structure of the manufacturing industry and other sectors. This thirst for constant improvement birth the MesChain technology to ease up manufacturing process with less labor.

MesChain is a product of Genesis Crypto Technology. MesChain affords manufacturing companies the distinctive advantages of blockchain technology while maintaining the highest level of security. MesChain can help manufacturing companies to document in real-time their operational activities from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process in a step by step mode.

More so, MesChain, if fully incorporated by manufacturing business, can use its blockchain technology to track stock records, materials and equipment wear, and tears, working hours, current numbers of staff more effectively with less human resources. MesChain, through its versatility, can monitor all services, record physical goods, and enhance payment processes at modest fees.

Why MesChain?

MesChain offers a second to none operational service in the aspect of manufacturing execution systems and serves as a problem-solving avenue that is based on blockchain technology, which is a need by manufacturing companies. In these systems, every member possesses a unique access key that cannot be accessed by even the platform managers. Therefore, there is increased reliability in the system. MesChain has an incorporated guarantee system that allows any problem that arises to be swiftly handled. Consequently, MesChain targets to begin its services in the textile industry, but through the outstanding nature of allowing businesses owners to take full charge of their businesses and record their innovations in one place at minimum cost, it will in no time, spread across board for use in other industries.

4.0 Revolutionary Meschain Product Review


How MesChain can help the Manufacturing Industry

There are typical areas where MesChain adds the most value to manufacturing

1. Planning: the MesChain software helps to organize the operation process. The step by step organization of things is done while factoring the amount of labor and the resources available for efficient actualization. It also takes care of worker’s job assignments according to their specialization, and all these are done in little time.

2. Manufacturing Tracking and Traceability: Meschain can track in real-time manufacturing activities and allow for on-time identification of areas that are efficient and other areas that are lagging. This will enable swift corrections of errors that can arise during the manufacturing process.

3. Quality: In the manufacturing industry, quality is a critical factor as there are several competitions. MesChain, through its blockchain background, can use a set of predefined rules to acknowledge product quality and flag inferiority or pass it for distribution.

Advantages of Meschain

# Avoid instances of wastage to the minimum

#Effective tracking of working hours

#Improved inventory system

#Allows for better decision making

#Enhancement of product quality

#Its helps to bolster up productivity

#Adequate tracking of the machine and operator performance

#Reduced overall production costs.

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